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Occupied Germany after WWII - After The Second World War, Germany was left decimated and fighting was no longer an option. Germany was occupied by the Allies and held in check except in the area of commerce where it was allowed to regain itself. Right is a map of Occupied Germany.

Though it may seem dysfunctional to those who are aware of the contentious relations between Germany and France, extremists in both counties did in fact conspire against the US for 9/11. France borders Germany and even during WWII there were many French collaborators with the Nazis. Today, there is an openly Nazi population in the border region near Germany. To the right, Vichy French (Nazi collaborators) check their fellow citizens into prison for resisting the Nazis.

After the war, France wanted to regain its position in the world by retaking its colonies. It failed in every instance: first Vietnam, then the Suez Canal Crisis in Egypt, and lastly, Algeria.

The failure in Vietnam came at a place Named Dien Bien Phu; the pictures say it all. The first picture is of French paratroopers entering into the battle. The second is the French being marched out.

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