Making The Case

A pointless campaign headed by an old man in a cave simply does not make any sense. -Dan B. Cooper

Carl von Clausewitz is perhaps one of the most relied on and studied of all military theorists: he tells us to consider a historical perspective in our analysis of knowing the basis of the conflict. In this, the “Making The Case,” section of Under History that is what we do.

We’ll start with the obvious, the Mistel weapon system developed in WWII to do exactly what the terrorists did on 9/11. The Mistel was basically a large bomber aircraft with a small fighter aircraft riding piggy-back on it. The system was controlled by the pilot who was located in the small aircraft. He would fly the airplane toward the target and release it, then guide it via remote control to crash into the objective. This is strikingly similar to the concept behind the 9/11 terrorist attack. Below (left) is a picture of the actual Mistel weapon system.

The ME 264 Amerika Bomber (above right) is another example of WWII German determination to reach America. German Air Commander Hermann Goring: "I completely lack the bombers capable of round-trip flights to New York with a 4.5-tonne bomb load. I would be extremely happy to possess such a bomber which would at last stuff the mouth of arrogance across the sea.” It is interesting that the target was New York. The bomber remained only a concept but was to be stationed in the Azores.

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